Learn The Colors in English

The color is a visual appreciation that occurs in the brain when the eye receives the light reflected by bodies when illuminated.
The basic colors of light are three: RED, GREEN and BLUE.

The other colors are obtained by mixing, in the right quantities, these three basic colors.

Clicking on colors you can hear how they are pronounced

Frequently Colors

AmarilloYellow/ iélou /
AzulBlue/ blúu /
BlancoWhite/ guáit /
GrisGray/ gréi /
MarrónBrown/ bráun /
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NaranjaOrange/ órendch /
NegroBlack/ blák /
RojoRed/ red /
VerdeGreen/ gríin /
VioletaViolet/ váiolet /
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Let's continue with more colors and with some concepts that we can associate with them, such as light and dark.

Look carefully at how they are written, and remember that clicking on the colors you can hear how they are pronounced.

Other Colors

Azul marinoNavy blue/ néivi blúu /
CelesteSky blue/ skái blúu /
DoradoGolden/ góulden /
FucsiaFuchsia/ fiúsha /
CastañoChestnut/ chéstnat /
GranateMaroon/ márun /
MoradoPurple/ péerpl /
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PlataSilver/ sílver /
RosaPink/ pínk /
TurquesaTurquoise/ tárcois /
Verde claroLight green/ láit gríin /
Gris claroLight gray/ láit gréi /
Verde oscuroDark green/ dárk gríin /
Gris oscuroDark gray/ dárk gréi /
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