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Learn Senses In Spanish

In the following TABLE you will find the name, in Spanish, of the senses and words related to them.

Table of the Senses in Spanish
Joy Alegría Look at Mirar
LearningAprendizaje Watch Observar
Help Ayuda Ear Oido
GoodnessBondad Smell Olfato
Share Compartir Danger Peligro
Belief Creencia Sorrow Pena
Give Dar-regalar Forgive Perdonar
DiscoverDescubrir Laugh Reir
Doubt Duda Feeling Sentimiento
Hope Esperanza Feel Sentir
Taste Gusto Smile Sonrisa
Imagine Imaginar SurpriseSorpresa
Cry Llorar Dream Sueño
EvilnessMaldad Whisper Susurrar
Mind Mente Touch Tacto
Look Mirada Sight Vista


The games will help you to learn the Senses in Spanish.

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