Learn the Senses in English

The senses allow us to receive information about what is around us.
So far we know that The Senses are five: The Sight, The Hearing, The Smell, The Taste and The Touch.

In the Tables you can learn how they are written in English and the figurative pronunciation.

Clicking on on the words you can hear how they are pronounced.

Words related to the Senses

AlegríaJoy/ yói /
BondadGoodness/ gú:dnes /
CegueraBlindness/ blaidnes /
CiegoBlind/ blaind /
DulceSweet/ suit /
EndulzarSweeten/ suiten /
EsperanzaHope/ joup /
GustoTaste/ téist /
InsípidoTasteless/ téistles /
LlorarCry/ crai /
MiradaLook/ luk /
OidoEar/ ía* /
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OirHear/ jía* /
OlfatearSniff/ snif /
OlfatoSmell/ smel /
ReirLaugh/ laf /
SaborearSavor/ seívor /
SentirFeel/ fi:l /
SonrisaSmile/ smail /
SorderaDeafness/ défnes /
SordoDeaf/ def /
TactoTouch/ tatch /
VerSee/ si: /
VistaSight/ sáit /
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In the following table we will show other words related to The Senses that are used frequently.

Look closely at how they are written, and remember that by clicking on the words you can listen to how they are pronounced.

Other words related to the Senses

AcariciarStroke/ stroik /
ApetitosoAppetizing/ ápetaisin /
AprendizajeLearning/ lérnin /
AyudaHelp/ jelp /
CompartirShare/ sha:* /
CreenciaBelief/ bi'li:f /
DescubrirDiscover/ discóve* /
DudaDoubt/ daut /
ImaginarImagine/ imadgin /
MaldadEvilness/ ívelnes /
MenteMind/ maind /
ObservarWatch/ uóch /
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OdiarHate/ jeit /
OlorosoOdorous/ ódors /
PaladearRelish/ rélis /
PeligroDanger/ deinye* /
PenaSorrow/ sórou /
PerdonarForgive/ forgív /
PerfumePerfume/ perfíun /
RascarScratch/ scrach /
SentimientoFeeling/ fílin /
SorpresaSurprise/ sopráis /
SueñoDream/ dri:m /
SusurrarWhisper/ uispa* /
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