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Learn The Nature In Spanish

In the following TABLE you will find the name, in Spanish, of some words related to nature.

Table of the Nature in Spanish
Water Agua Wind Viento
Way Camino Lake Lago
Road Carretera Cloudy Nublado
Sky Cielo Rainy Lluvioso
BuildingEdificio Sunny Soleado
Fire Fuego Fog Niebla
Smoke Humo Anticyclone Anticiclón
Rain Lluvia Low pressureBorrasca
Sea Mar Tree Árbol
Snow Nieve Branch Rama
Smell Olor Leaf Hoja
Country País Hill Colina
Air Aire Mountain Montaña
Bridge Puente Shed Cabaña
River Rio Snowman Muñeco de nieve
Weather Tiempo atmosféricoVolcano Volcán


The games will help you to learn the Nature in Spanish.

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