Learn the Family in English

In this lesson we present the names, of most frequent use, of the members that are part of The Family.

In the Tables you will see how they are written in English and also the figurative pronunciation.

Clicking on words you can hear how they are pronounced

Words of frequent use referred to The Family

AbuelaGrandmother/ grandmada* /
AbueloGrandfather/ grandfada* /
AbuelosGrandparents/ grandperents /
EsposaWife/ uáif /
EsposoHusband/ hásband /
HermanaSister/ sista* /
HermanoBrother/ brade* /
HijaDaughter/ dóta* /
HijoSon/ san /
HijosChildren/ children /
MadreMother/ máda* /
MamáMom/ mam /
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NietaGranddaughter/ granddóta* /
NietoGrandson/ grándson /
NietosGrandchildren/ grándchíldren /
PadreFather/ fáda* /
PadresParents/ pérents /
PapáDad/ dad /
PrimoCousin/ kósin /
PrimaCousin/ kósin /
SobrinaNiece/ níis /
SobrinoNephew/ néfiu /
TíaAunt/ ant /
TíoUncle/ ankl /
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Let's continue with more words related to The Family that are normally used less frequently.

Look closely at how they are written, and remember that
Clicking on on the words you can hear how they are pronounced.

Other words related to the Family

AhijadaGoddaughter/ god doóta* /
AhijadoGodson/ gód son /
CuñadaSister in law/ sista* in ló /
CuñadoBrother in law/ brada* in ló /
HijastraStepdaughter/ stép dóter /
HijastroStepson/ stép son /
HijastrosStepchildren/ stép chíldren /
HuérfanoOrphan/ órfan /
Hijo únicoOnly child/ óunli cháild /
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MadrastraStepmother/ stepmada* /
MadrinaGodmother/ gód mada* /
MascotaPet/ pet /
NueraDaughter in law/ dóta* in ló /
PadrastroStepfather/ stepfada* /
PadrinoGodfather/ gód fada* /
SuegraMother in law/ mada* in ló /
SuegroFather in law/ fade* in ló /
YernoSon in law/ san in ló /
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