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Learn Animals In Spanish

In the following TABLE you will find the name, in Spanish, of some animals.
Table of the Animals in Spanish
Fox Zorro Giraffe Jirafa
Mare Yegua Wild boar Jabalí
Cow Vaca Ferret Hurón
Bull Toro Ant Hormiga
Shark Tiburón Hamster Hamster
Snake Serpiente Gorilla Gorila
Mouse Ratón Cat Gato
Rat Rata Cock Gallo
Chicken Pollito Hen Gallina
Fish Pez Seal Foca
Dog Perro Hedgehog Erizo
Turkey Pavo Elephant Elefante
Duck Pato Dolphin Delfín
Bird Pájaro Rabbit Conejo
Sheep Oveja Guinea pig Cobaya
Panda bear Oso panda Deer Ciervo
Bear Oso Pig Cerdo
Bat Murciélago Zebra Cebra
Mosquito Mosquito Crab Cangrejo
Fly Mosca Goat Cabra
Jellyfish Medusa Horse Caballo
Ladybird Mariquita Donkey Burro
Butterfly Mariposa Ox Buey
Parrot Loro Whale Ballena
Worm Lombriz Ostrich Avestruz
Wolf Lobo Spider Araña
Lion León Eagle Águila


The games will help you to learn Animals in Spanish.

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