Learn the House in English

In this lesson you can learn some frequently used words referring to parts of the House and other words that have some relation with it.

In the Tables you can learn how they are written in English and the figurative pronunciation.

Clicking on on the words you can hear how they are pronounced.

Words of frequent use referred to the House

ArmarioWardrobe/ ua*droub /
AseoToilet/ tóilet /
BañoBathroom/ bázrum /
BuzónMailbox/ méilboks /
CamaBed/ bed /
CocinaKitchen/ kitchin /
ComedorDining room/ dáining rúm /
DormitorioBedroom/ bédrum /
EscalerasStairs/ sters /
GarajeGarage/ garedg /
HabitaciónRoom/ rúum /
JardínGarden/ gárden /
MesaTable/ teibl /
PersianasBlinds/ blains /
Listen all the words

OrdenadorComputer/ cumpiute* /
ParedWall/ uól /
PasilloCorridor/ courida* /
PiscinaPool/ pul /
PlantaFloor/ flóor /
PuertaDoor/ dóor /
SalónLiving room/ líving rúm /
SillaChair/ che:r /
TejadoRoof/ rúf /
TerrazaTerrace/ téuras /
TimbreDoorbell/ dóorbel /
VentanaWindow/ uíndou /
VestíbuloHall/ hóol /
LavaplatosDishwasher/ dísguose* /
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Let's continue with more words related to the House that are used less frequently.

Look closely at how they are written, and remember that clicking on the words you can hear how they are pronounced.

Other words related to the House

AlfombraCarpet/ ca:*pet /
BalcónBalcony/ bálconi /
BotellaBottle/ botl /
CajaBox/ boks /
CartaLetter/ léta* /
CerraduraLock/ lóok /
CéspedGrass/ gras /
CojinCushion/ cúsen /
CortinaCurtain/ córtn /
CueroLeather/ lede* /
DespensaPantry/ pántri /
DesvánAttic/ átic /
EscalonesSteps/ stéps /
EspejoMirror/ míro /
Listen all the words

FelpudoDoormat/ domat /
FlorFlower/ flaua* /
JabónSoap/ soup /
LlaveKey/ kíi /
LuzLight/ lait /
Parte de abajoDownstairs/ daunsters /
Parte de arribaUpstairs/ apsters /
PicaporteDoor handle/ doorhandl /
Planta bajaGround floor/ gráund flóor /
PortátilLaptop/ láptop /
PórticoPorch/ póorch /
SillónArmchair/ armche:r /
SótanoBasement/ béisment /
GrifoTap/ tap /
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