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Learn The House In Spanish

In the following TABLE you will find the name, in Spanish, of words related to the rooms and parts of the house.

Table of the House in Spanish

Table of the House in Spanish

Bathroom Baño Attic Desván
Bedroom Dormitorio Balcony Balcón
Door Puerta Terrace Terraza
Doorbell Timbre Garage Garage
Floor Piso Stairs Escaleras
Garden Jardín Upstairs Parte de arriba
Key Llave Downstairs Parte de abajo
Kitchen Cocina Steps Escalones
Room Habitación Doormat Felpudo
Wall Pared Roof Tejado
Window Ventana Mailbox Buzón
Dining roomComedor Lock Cerradura
Hall Vestíbulo Corridor Pasillo
Living roomSalón Door handle Picaporte
Pantry Despensa Ground floorPlanta baja
Pool Piscina Basement Sótano
Porch Pórtico Grass Césped
Bottle Botella Soap Jabón
Carpet Alfombra Wash Lavar(se)
Box Caja Light Luz
Bed Cama Table Mesa
Letter Carta Computer Ordenador
Curtain Cortina Laptop Portátil
Leather Cuero Silk Seda
Flower Flor Chair Silla


The games will help you to learn the House in Spanish.

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