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Learn The Human Body In Spanish

In the following TABLE you will find the name, in Spanish, of the most important parts of the human body.

Table of the Human Body in Spanish
Ankle Tobillo kidneys Riñones
Arm Brazo Knee Rodilla
Back Espalda Leg Pierna
Blood Sangre Lips Labios
Bones Huesos Liver Hígado
Brain Cerebro Lungs Pulmones
Cheeks MejillasMouth Boca
Chest Pecho Nails Uñas
Chin Mentón Nose Nariz
Ears Orejas Neck Cuello
Elbow Codo Rib Costilla
Eyebrows Cejas Shoulder Hombro
Eyelashes PestañasSkeleton Esqueleto
Eyelids PárpadosSkin Piel
Eyes Ojos Skull Cráneo
Face Cara Stomach Estómago
Feet Pies Teeth Dientes
Fingers Dedos Thorax Tórax
Fist Puño Throat Garganta
Foot Pie Toes Dedos del pie
Forehead Frente Tongue Lengua
Hair Cabello Tooth Diente
Hand Mano Trunk Tronco
Head Cabeza Vein Vena
Heart Corazón Waist Cintura
Hips Caderas Wrist Muñeca


The games will help you to learn the human body in Spanish.

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