Spanish Language

Language is a system of communication consisting of words, sounds and rules used by people in a particular country.

Knowledge and proper use of Language, as a system of verbal communication and expression, is of great importance and is essential for the education of people.

The science that studies the elements of a language is Grammar and can be considered as the art of speaking and writing a language correctly.

One of the major problems of education today is the large amount of mistakes made by students. And this problem is not just students, it affects all levels of society, because often there are misspellings in newspapers, letters and any printed. And, without comment, in text messages.

In these pages, with simple games, will be taught the correct way to write frequently used words.

  • Orthography ⇒ Game of basic orthography of the letters B and V, G and J, LL and Y, M and N, R and RR, H and X,
  • Gentilic ⇒ Learn the name of an inhabitant of provinces and cities of Spain.
  • Verbs ⇒ Learn to conjugate regular and auxiliary verbs.