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learn and practice with funny games

El Abuelo Educa (Grandpa teaches) is a practical teaching method based on entertainment and fun, to teach and learn playing.

Education of school support, both to learn and to review the materials that have more difficulty for children, mainly mathematics and languages, but also address other as English and geography.

With simple games and lessons we help children strengthen their skills, improving their vocabulary and mental calculation.

A good base is essential to assimilate new knowledge easily.

The games are divided into various subjects such as Mathematics, Language, Geography and Spanish.

Learn Mathematics
  • Numbers: Practice writing numbers.
  • Roman numerals: Practice with numbers used by the Romans.
  • Add: Learn the first basic operation of arithmetic.
  • Subtract: We will learn one of the fundamental operations of arithmetic.
  • Multiply: Will review the tables and learn to multiply.
  • Divide: Learn the latest operations of arithmetic.
  • Fractions: Learn the fractions and to operate with them.

Simple games and short lessons that will teach the fundamental operations of arithmetic, to learn to add, learn to subtract, learn to multiply and learn to divide with whole numbers and fractions.

Learn Spanish Language
  • Orthography: Game of basic orthography of the letters B and V, G and J...
  • Gentilic: Learn the name of an inhabitant of provinces and cities of Spain.
  • Verbs: Learn to conjugate regular and auxiliary verbs.

Language Games that will serve to increase the vocabulary and avoid orthography errors.

Learn geography
Learn Spanish
  • Colors: Games for learning how to write colors in Spanish.
  • Human Body: Games for learning how to write parts of the human body in Spanish.
  • Family: Games for learning how to write the family members in Spanish.
  • Calendar: Games for learning how to write words related to the calendar.
  • House: Games for learning how to write parts of the house.
  • Animals: Games for learning how to write the name of animals.
  • Nature: Games for learning how to write words related related to the nature.
  • Senses: Games for learning how to write senses and the words associated with them.
  • Fruits: Games for learning how to write the fruits and vegetables.

Today, children spend many hours sitting in front of computers, consoles and video games. This site also try to have fun, to take the time to learn easily, almost without realizing it.

All games also contain lessons that explain, briefly and clearly, the theory that we must learn from each subject.

All our programs have a system to control attempts, successes and failures that motivate the child to be reducing their errors in each game.

El abuelo educa will entertain children with funny games made by grandfather to their children and for the moment, his four grandchildren. And now we share with you all in the hope that they can be useful.


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